Tuesday, March 31, 2015

PMR: Dream

Focus: A dream

Crystal singing bowl dance

primordial, primitive, birth, destruction, renewal, reassurance, regret, grief, reverence, connection, spirit

A poem in remembrance of the dream dance:


Birthed out of the earth I climb
webbed feet and grabbing hands
bear walk and wolf hackle
listening with a hunched back
yellow eye and frozen spine
waiting, cautious

Growing, learning to swim
legs swizzle and sway, two palm trees
a gentle breeze
and then up and leaping
spinning a wild fire funnel
throwing spit fire and curses
and then still again

In the dream there was water
ocean waves menacing and suffocating
I escape through an open window
but I've left some behind
panic, pain

Furiously hurling my body to the waves
Struggle and sacrifice
the courage parallel to my fear
panic, pain

breath, calm, wait, breathe

In the dream there was a tree
strong and sturdy I leaned against it
the shoulder next to me wavered
and disappeared
loss, grief

lost in the deepness of despair
I gather the essence and hug it to my chest
a mother her child
an oyster its pearl
before burying it in the starry void
loss, grief

yet it clings, a sticky sap
transfers from limb to limb
holding on for dear life until
flung and erect I stand freed

And yet
Despair settling in
I search for that which I banished

carefully now
not to make new impressions
retracing steps, imprints in the sand
Finding my way and sense
a shadow

warm we touch fingertips
loss overtakes me again
this time, letting go
the sap has dried
I burrow in the earth again

softly, softly sensing for spirit
softly, softly, a presence
filling and gathering
in reverence, reborn
the redwoods all around
connected by the roots
and in my soul

Dance to the following piece: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ns3yqtOurNA

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